Is Shop Front Spraying For Me?

We are all trying to get back on our feet, adapt to our new realities and figure out what we need to do to survive and thrive.

Now is a perfect time to invest in your business and for many business owners it will be making your shop, restaurant, salon etc. stand out on the high street. The better your building looks the better the morale of the staff, the more people will be drawn to you, will trust you and will buy from you.

Many people don't even realise they can spray the exterior of their building and change what already exists to either look more modern or maybe you want to bring your own branding into the colour scheme of your building. All exterior elements can be sprayed, windows, doors, shutters and even the brickwork.

The process

The paint will be applied in three even coats using an electric spray-painting gun. This technique creates a factory-level finish. No dedicated primer is needed in the case of our paints, because they are solvent-based and bond with the UPVC. This means the first coat is the primer coat, which speeds up the application time.

The application process for metal shutters and masonry is the same.

Shop front spraying takes around a day and a half, depending on the surface area that requires painting. This can be performed off peak so your business experiences minimal disruption - and if your business is temporaily closed due to Covid-19 now is the perfect time. If you are on a very busy street, we recommend choosing a day and a time with as little traffic as possible. This is so the paint can be applied with as little contamination risk as possible (traffic = dirt).

What will it look like?

The Finish 

Whether you're after a gloss, matte or satin finish UPVC paint can offer you your desired finish.

(Gloss has a 100% shine, satin has a 30% shine, and matte has a 0% shine)


UPVC paints are available which match the RAL Colour Chart, which has over 1,000 colours, and the British Standard colour chart, which has hundreds of colours. Alternatively, a custom colour can be made for you. The most popular shop front colour is RAL 7016 Anthracite Grey.


If you budget circa £300 for metal shutters, £280 per door, £200 per window, £200 for gutters and £400 to £500 for masonry, you’ll be about there on price. Most shop fronts can be painted all-in for around £1500 ex VAT.

Most of our customers only want their exterior UPVC or aluminium or timber frames painting. Window frames and doors on a shop front can often be painted all in for around £700 ex VAT. You can also get the interior of the units painted for a built-in look.

This will likely add a few hundred pounds to the price, so call it £900 ex VAT.

This is far less than the cost of replacement units. A new door and windows will set you back thousands of pounds. Painting is around 60% cheaper.

Other considerations.........


Our advice is to notify your business insurer about your intent to change the colour of your windows before you have the work performed. This is to make sure they understand what it is you are having done so there are no issues. In any case, your insurer needs to know about visual modifications to your shop. If in doubt, consult with them about this.

8 Year Guarantee

We guarantee our spray-painting work for 8 years. After this period, the paint may continue to look like new, or it may begin to degrade. We cannot say with 100% certainty what will happen. All cases are different. Fortunately we are able to make spot repairs to work areas however our guarantee

does not cover vandalism and accidents.


Make sure you get two or three quotes from reputable vendors in your area. Beware of start-ups and pop-up companies. These open up shop very quickly and close down just as fast after taking money for shoddy work. In contrast, we are professionals you can trust with well over a decade of experience in the trade.

You’ll find our UPVC painters courteous, polite and professional. Contact us today to get your free, no-obligation quote.

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