Our top 5 FAQ's from clients

1. Can you please provide me with a quote from the photo below?

The answer to this is almost always, no.

Occasionally we might get a client looking for a ball park figure in which we can provide a possible range of cost but anybody looking for a quote so they can decide on whether to go ahead with us will need an appointment.

The reason for this is that a little more goes into the process of quoting than calculating how much square meterage there is for us to slap some paint on. Preparation is a large indicator in cost and can include time spent to filling and sanding, stain blocking, protecting surfaces etc. In order to achieve what most clients hope to achieve, attention to detail is a must.

2. Do your quotes include the paint?

Yes. Our quotes include all of the materials and equipment needed to complete the works unless otherwise requested from the client.

3. Can I buy my own paint?

Of course - but we wouldnt recommend it.

Most clients who ask this have their eye on a retail paint they’ve seen on the high street that they believe will save them money. There’s a reason professionals don’t use retail paint, it doesn’t provide the same level of finish as trade paints such as Dulux or Johnstones. Even then, both of those brands sell retail and trade versions.

Professionals are also tasked with a level of unpredictability when faced with unfamiliar brands. Remember these pro’s have built their skills based on just a handful of paint brands and know how to get the best out of each one for the right surface.

Remember, you don’t need to be in the trade to be able to go into your local Dulux Decorating Centre or Johnstone’s Decorating Centre to buy trade paint - but you won’t be paying trade prices.

4. Is it better to spend more money on wallpaper?

Just as client supplied paint can throw decorators into some unpredictability, it is the same with wallpaper. Clients will always supply their own wallpaper and in our opinion - price doesn’t necessarily mean quality. Our advice, pick your wallpaper based on design, not brand.

And finally…

5. Do you only do decorating?

No. When we started out in 2016 we solely provided decorating services but now we have a team of specialists within each field meaning our company typically delivers high quality projects that can range from anything from slabbing a forecourt to building an extension on the back of your property.

If you have a question to ask us that we haven’t covered above get in touch via email or phone.

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