What to do with timber decay? - Prepare, Repair, Prevent

Some of the most beautiful (and oldest) buildings in England feature wooden doors and windows but unfortunately timber is not immune to long term exposure to moisture.

Fear not, wood rot, along with any damage to timber can more than likely be repaired and restored.

The first thing you will need to do is contact a local decorating company to take a look at the decaying timber to let you know if this can be repaired or if the structures will need to be replaced entirely. It may be worth searching the Repair Care Contractor Directory to find a company qualified to carry out the repair works in your area.

Repairs to timber are not only significantly cheaper than replacing your windows or doors but the repairs themselves will reduce the amount of redecoration cycles and significantly increase the durability of the windows. The Repair-Care products also offer a 10 year guarantee when used by an accredited contractor.

We all know the importance of investing in your property. Investment and on going maintenance will reduce the long term financial impact to you whether this be the cost of more substantial repairs or replacements or simply the additional heating costs associated with timber decay.

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